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HY Education is the schools-only law firm. Being the first and only law firm that is entirely dedicated to the education sector, we are the most specialist firm in the country. We provide a range of carefully crafted legal products including:

1. Education+ - our flagship legal advisory service;

2. HR+ - a premium HR service for schools;

3. Data Protection Officer – fulfilling the statutory requirement;

4. SEND Funding Review and Challenge – tackling underfunding for children with EHCPs.

We deliver these products and services nationally to a client base of over 300 schools and multi-academy trusts.

Umbrella understands that education providers operate in a unique environment. They are required to navigate various complex legal and regulatory frameworks including governance, financial probity, safeguarding, SEND, employment, commercial and property to name a few. Some of these frameworks are unique to schools whilst others have to be understood in the context of how education providers operate. Umbrella brings together service providers that are true education sector specialists who we can trust will have the skills and knowledge to meet these requirements. As the schools only law firm® it made complete sense for HY Education to get involved. 

Why Umbrella?

HY Education supported a large multi academy trust with a complex restructuring programme at three failing single academies which had been brought into the trust under a sponsorship arrangement through the ESFA. Such was the requirement for change at these schools that a complete curriculum review was undertaken and an overhaul of the incumbent financial and operational structures necessitated a remodelling of the workforce to meet budgetary and skills targets.

HY was instructed to intervene in the project after it had been paused through challenge from staff and unions. HY acted as the strategic lead in collective consultation processes which encompassed 5 different unions involving complex negotiations on matters such as changes to terms and conditions and redundancy scoring and selection. Each school was able to achieve the desired changes within the required timescale, establish positive relations with the unions and exit large numbers of staff without receiving notice of employment tribunal claims.

MAT Restructuring


“I cannot recommend HY Education strongly enough for the high-quality legal advice, support and guidance that they provide. Since signing up to HY Education, I have had to call on them numerous times for a range of queries and issues. What is striking is how quickly they respond and how accessible the team are to get back to emails and arrange further consultation if necessary. From a personal perspective and as a busy Headteacher, this is something I appreciate hugely. HY Education have a clear grasp on specific matters which affect and have an impact on the smooth running of a school and this knowledge is used to inform their approach. 

The team are friendly and professional in their communications and correspondence, setting clients at ease. It is so reassuring to know that you can call upon HY who will help to tackle the whole range of complex situations that can arise in the education sector. 

Signing up to HY Education is one of the best decisions I have taken in my current Headship and I would recommend them unreservedly.” 


- Stuart Wetson, Headteacher, St. Mary’s RC High School

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