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Amidst the financial challenges seizing schools and trusts today, Education Buying is a strategic ally, reshaping the procurement landscape. We equip schools, trusts, and higher education with the essential tools for effortless and expert procurement, facilitating significant time and cost savings.

Specialising in comprehensive advisory services, unwavering support, and top-tier guidance, we offer compliant frameworks and DPSs. Our unwavering commitment to tailored procurement assistance ensures savings, empowering schools and trusts to redirect funds strategically, amplifying their capacity for impactful reinvestment within their educational spaces. Experience procurement transformation with Education Buying.

Why Umbrella?

Education Buying became strategically aligned with Umbrella Group for schools across the UK to access a diverse spectrum of services and expertise through a centralised gateway. This collaboration amplifies our ability to provide comprehensive solutions, ensuring educational establishments access a wider array of resources tailored to their needs.

Our commitment to strategic alliances aligns with our values of maximising benefits for schools. We seek partners sharing our vision to enhance educational procurement, amplifying our collective impact within the sector.

The collaboration between The Painsley Catholic Academy and Education Buying showcases how strategic procurement efforts can yield remarkable results in the educational sector. Painsley Catholic Academy sought to optimise its printing and photocopying facilities. Their objective was to overhaul these services, emphasising efficiency and cost-effectiveness, a goal Education Buying was keen to support through our Printer and Photocopier Framework.


The Painsley Catholic Academy

Challenges and Solutions

The academy faced the daunting task of revamping its printing and photocopying services, while ensuring a seamless transition that met their specific requirements. Education Buying stepped in as the strategic partner, ready to address these challenges head-on.

One of the initial hurdles was deciphering the academy's exact needs and translating them into comprehensive tender documentation. This required meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the academy's objectives. Education Buying's procurement experts worked closely with the Painsley Catholic Academy to ensure every intricate requirement was documented and communicated effectively to potential suppliers.

Navigating the procurement process was another challenge. The team at Education Buying was tasked with evaluating potential suppliers based on their ability to meet the academy's unique needs, while also ensuring compliance and cost-effectiveness. This involved thorough evaluations, comparative analysis, and weighing the pros and cons of each bidder to identify the most suitable partner.

After rigorous evaluation, Automated Systems Group (ASL) emerged as the optimal choice for the academy. However, securing this partnership was only the beginning. Education Buying and ASL needed to align their strategies and solutions to deliver the promised efficiency and cost savings.

The collaboration was a success on multiple fronts. Firstly, the contract with ASL ensured stability and predictability for the academy's printing and photocopying services over the next three years, with no price increases guaranteed throughout the term. This alleviated concerns about unexpected cost escalations and allowed the academy to plan its budget with confidence.

Moreover, the partnership delivered tangible results. By leveraging ASL's expertise and recommendations, the academy realised significant savings amounting to £83,797.88 over the entire contract term. These savings were a result of both cost reductions and efficient usage strategies recommended by ASL.

Improved Outcomes

“With the successful implementation of our new Printer and Photocopier contract, we not only improved our printing and photocopying services but also established a strong foundation for potential future compliant procurements with Education Buying. Our satisfaction with the seamless procurement process and the realised cost savings positions Education Buying as a trusted partner for any future procurement needs.” 


- Joanne Bradbury, Chief Operating Officer, The Painsley Catholic Academy

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