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MyNewTerm is the leading recruitment software and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) developed specifically for schools and multi-academy trusts. Developed by a former teacher, MyNewTerm empowers schools and MATs to improve efficiency, ensure compliance and attract talent by fully digitising the recruitment process. 

Having recently won the accolade 'Digital Business of the Year', MyNewTerm now partners with over 150 multi-academy trusts and thousands of schools across the country. MyNewTerm enables schools and MATs to streamline operations and provide a positive application experience for candidates applying online, while also providing the potential to achieve a significant ROI by embracing a digital recruitment solution.

MyNewTerm has become the ‘go to’ organisation for recruitment software, and this is partly because our School and MAT Partners happily recommend us.

There are other fantastic organisations within their own field of experts that also have a moral purpose to support the education sector. We believe being part of the Umbrella Group will enable us to build strong relationships with other companies that provide a best-in-class service within their specific area, and collectively we can provide that much-needed support to the education sector by providing effective solutions to fix the many ongoing challenges both schools and MATs face.   

Why Umbrella?


The Partnership Trust


Candidates applying for roles at The Partnership Trust often faced an unprofessional experience and this was coupled with concerns about compliance with KCSiE. The lack of vacancy/candidate visibility also posed a challenge for the central team, as it became difficult to comprehend the recruitment landscape across 15 schools. The inefficiency of the process was evident in the HR team's continuous efforts to chase candidates and referees for form completion, indicating a suboptimal utilisation of their time. This disjointed approach underscored the need for a more streamlined and cohesive recruitment process, to enhance professionalism, compliance, and overall efficiency.

​Our ATS not only made the experience for candidates applying for roles at the trust more professional, but it also ensured compliance with KCSiE and gave their central team the visibility they required to reduce the need for chasing, thus improving the efficiency of their recruitment process considerably. 

Solutions and Improved Outcomes

“We are delighted with MyNewTerm - it has professionalised the experience for the candidate, streamlined processes for the HR Team, keeps us compliant and makes recruitment so much more visible & accessible for our Headteachers. 

We love Dale & Lucy! The support in getting set up, in particular with the technical aspects, has been awesome. Dale is super accessible and accommodating. Explains things so simply without getting bogged down in too much sales pitch/jargon. We also really appreciated the support with the GDPR requirements. Support Team, Lucy & co, respond super quickly and are always very helpful. 

If you work in education and you're looking for an Applicant Tracking System, get this one! It's professionalised our candidate experience, streamlined processes for our HR Team and made things so much easier for our Headteachers. 5 stars for both the system & the support!” 


- Emily Horman, Human Resource Manager, The Partnership Trust

What Clients Say

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