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PAG is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm with specialisms in education consultancy, project management, stakeholder research, governance and strategy, with staff from a range of backgrounds including public policy, academia, consultancy and teaching.    


PAG works across the early years and education sectors, conducting pre-opening project management, external reviews of governance, academy formation and mergers, capacity mapping, and bid writing services.


We advise local authorities, multi-academy trusts and schools on matters such as growth, governance and funding. Our consultants regularly visit schools and understand the challenges they face in relation to services they procure.

For PAG, Umbrella has existed since we formed. We have always recognised that, while we are professionals with a range of talents, we do not hold the monopoly on expertise, creativity, connectivity or capacity. Many of our highlights as an organisation have come when combining our passions and talents with others to achieve a set of goals.


The formation of Umbrella seeks to formalise aspects of this work and will allow clients to harness diverse talents via one access point. Our umbrella is not exclusive, and we will continue to welcome in individuals and organisations who share our values and believe that the strength united is stronger.

Why Umbrella?

“The growth and reputation of The Beckmead Trust reflects the quality of work and partnership with PAG who has been invaluable in supporting the trust navigate a very different landscape to that which exists under Local Authority management and governance”


- Jonty Clark OBE, CEO, The Beckmead Trust

What Clients Say

The Beckmead Trust, a provider of specialised educational services, embarked on a transformative journey to expand and enhance its impact on young learners, especially those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The original Beckmead Family of Schools initially operated under a single DfE number. They approached PAG after encountering challenges that prevented growth and with a mission to serve more young people. PAG played a crucial role in this transformative journey, helping the Trust navigate these challenges and achieve remarkable outcomes.


Beckmead approached PAG on the back of an unsuccessful Local Authority competition bid. At that time,  Beckmead operated as a maintained provision serving SEND students only. However, it was absolutely clear that the organisation had a ferocious drive to support as many young people as possible. To achieve their mission, it became necessary for Beckmead to transition into a multi-academy trust, a process that required multiple strategic plans, growth strategies and funding. PAG provided continuous support through various stages of their development and expansion.

Solutions & Improved Outcomes

  • Strategic Partnership with PAG: Beckmead Trust partnered with PAG, leveraging our expertise in education and growth strategies to co-author and continually revise multiple growth strategies, ensuring alignment with the Trust’s mission and the changing educational landscape.

  • Expansion and Diversification: From being a single maintained provision, Beckmead Trust transformed into a multi-academy trust, expanding its provisions across multiple locations and diversifying its services to include Alternative Provision (AP) alongside its original SEND focus. This broadened their reach and helped them deliver their mission of supporting more vulnerable young people. PAG also project managed the opening of their first SEND and AP free schools, transferring our knowledge into their business.

  • Building Capacity: We assisted Beckmead in acquiring the necessary funding to enhance their capabilities and infrastructure, contributing to the improvement of underperforming schools.

  • Drive and Determination: Throughout the journey, Beckmead Trust demonstrated an unwavering drive to support as many young people as possible, a commitment that was crucial to overcoming the challenges and achieving the improved outcomes. PAG continuously collaborates with Beckmead by leveraging our internal expertise and network to help them carve out their own path.

The Beckmead Trust


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