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AMR Consult is a multi-disciplinary construction project management company that specialises in the education sector. Our clients vary from the smallest single academy trusts to the largest and most recognisable names in the sector, as well as local and national government, charities and independent providers. We work nationally across all school types and age ranges and operate in every DfE capital programme, including Condition Improvement Fund, the School Rebuilding Programme and Schools Strategic Improvement Capital Brokerage.

Most of our work is through repeat business as we tailor what we do to our clients’ needs but typical services include development of estates strategies, feasibility studies, procurement advice, tendering services, technical advice and contract administration.



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AMR Consult have joined Umbrella Group because of its unparalleled commitment to providing synergies for clients. The company's dedication to creating end-to-end solutions aligns perfectly with our vision for delivering comprehensive and seamless services. Umbrella's emphasis on cementing existing and long-standing relationships resonates with our belief in the enduring value of strong partnerships. Furthermore, AMR are drawn to the opportunity to contribute and benefit from the culture of innovation that Umbrella fosters between partners. Joining Umbrella not only complements AMR’s aspirations but also promises a platform where collaboration, innovation and client satisfaction converge for mutual success.

Why Umbrella?

Beckmead Trust is a prominent educational institution committed to providing outstanding learning environments and has been at the forefront of innovative education initiatives. As a trusted partner, we have collaborated with Beckmead Trust within the Umbrella consortium, working with MLG and PAG to enhance educational facilities, foster growth, and support their charitable endeavours.

Scope of our Work

Our work with Beckmead Trust spans a diverse range of services, showcasing our versatility and commitment to addressing the comprehensive needs of educational institutions.

  • CIF Bids: Beckmead Trust, like many educational institutions, faces the challenge of securing funding for capital projects. We have been instrumental in preparing Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) bids, leveraging our expertise to navigate the complexities of the application process. This has enabled Beckmead to access crucial funds for vital infrastructure enhancements.

  • Condition Surveys and RAAC Surveys: Our engagement with Beckmead extends beyond financial assistance. We have conducted condition surveys, providing valuable insights into the state of their existing infrastructure. Additionally, our expertise in Risk Assessment and Allocation of Costs (RAAC) surveys has empowered Beckmead to proactively address potential issues, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment.

  • Free School Work: Beckmead Trust's commitment to expanding educational opportunities led to our involvement in Free School projects. We have supported them in the establishment of new schools, contributing to the creation of inclusive and dynamic learning spaces.

  • Due Diligence Surveys: We conducted an 11th-hour survey to facilitate the seamless conversion of a school into the Trust. Our timely and thorough due diligence surveys played a pivotal role in overcoming challenges and ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Innovative Funding Solutions: Understanding the financial constraints often faced by educational institutions, we have actively explored and proposed innovative funding solutions for Beckmead Trust. This includes identifying alternative funding sources and developing strategies to maximise financial resources.

  • Support for Charitable Endeavours: Beyond the realm of infrastructure development, AMR have actively supported Beckmead in their charitable endeavours. This includes initiatives aimed at community engagement, fostering social responsibility, and creating a positive impact beyond the classroom.

  • Growth and Estates Work: Our partnership extends to supporting Beckmead Trust in their growth and estates management. By aligning our efforts with their strategic vision, we contribute to the sustainable expansion of their educational footprint and the effective management of their estate.

The Beckmead Trust


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